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    Christine is a qualified primary teacher with over 15 years of experience, 6 years of which she’s tutored with Dulwich Tutors where she’s become an integral part of our team and one of our prized Education Consultants. In addition to QTS she has specialisms in Maths and Early Years. Christine has taught in London schools and at bilingual institutions around the world.

    As a trained coach Christine is an advocate for wellbeing. Over the years she has found that lack of confidence is one of the biggest barriers to progress. Christine has a unique approach to education which builds self-esteem, enabling students to feel free to take risks and soar.

    Christine understands child development and the learning process. Students of all ages learn by coming to their own conclusions through exploration. Without firm foundations, learning can be a frustrating experience. Christine expertly locates gaps in understanding and constructs individual education packages specifically tailored to needs.

    Christine has supported children with a wide range of SEND including Dyslexia, ASD and Dyscalculia, engaging with neurodiversity through careful encouragement, assessment and implementation of strategies. Where necessary she is able to sensitively advise when further assessment may be a valuable asset.

    Christine has successfully tutored children for independent and grammar schools including Dulwich College, Dulwich Prep, Whitgift, Royal Russell and Sydenham High.

    Christine has lead Gifted and Talented enrichment programmes over the years and is able to challenge her students in creative and engaging ways.

    Christine enjoys teaching online sessions and ensures they are every bit as enjoyable as those which take place in person. She incorporates valuable ICT learning opportunities into her lessons and uses a variety of platforms to share interactive learning experiences with her students.

    When Christine is not tutoring she works as an Educational Advisor for Looked After Children. She has a Coaching and Hypnotherapy practice and is completing an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy.


    “Christine has tutored our girl-boy twins for seven months and it has been great to watch her in action, making the children feel extremely comfortable in her presence and engaging them in fun, learning activities in English and Maths. Christine consistently uses enjoyable games as a tool which has helped us as parents to also engage our children with other school work, particularly during lockdown. When making physical visits to our home, Christine has also always been considerate as we’ve juggled competing commitments and balanced birthday parties, etc with tutoring.

    As we’ve transitioned to homeschooling during the lockdown, Christine has been incredibly helpful, making herself available for online tuition and honing her skills and those of the children on Zoom and Skype. It’s been brilliant to have her consistent, caring engagement with the children, especially as they now to one-to-one online sessions. We consider Christine to be one of our children’s core teachers.

    Christine has been very approachable and friendly from day one, working with us to make education an enjoyable experience for our children even in the most trying of times. It’s been impressive to watch Christine teaching both in the physical space and online and we’d happily recommend Christine, as would our children.”