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Chris W

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Chris has seven years’ teaching experience in secondary schools rated ‘Outstanding’, teaching all ability levels and a range of class sizes, from 30 students to 1:1 support for students needing that extra guidance and tailored work. He teaches History to A level and Geography, English and Ancient History.

Chris is adept at unpicking exam specifications, mark schemes and examiner’s reports and has created countless schemes of work and revision resources.

For the last 3 years Chris has been Head of 6th Form, and a member of the Senior Leadership Team at his school. Results in the 6th Form have improved year on year, with a massive 10% increase in A* – B grades at his school last year. Recently he has undertaken the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership, which has helped him to grow as a leader at all levels of work, from leading 50 staff on school-wide initiatives, to leading a student in one-to-one interventions.​

After attending Winchester College, Chris went on to study History at Newcastle University, narrowly missing out on a First and graduating with a high 2:1 BA degree. He then spent four years shipping works of art around the world before recognising that he needed to shift careers, which led to him training on the Teach First programme and being awarded his PGCE through the Institute of Education. Chris recognises it was the best decision he’s ever made to move into the education sector.​

For the next few years Chris is taking some time out to support his wife’s career; tutoring is the perfect fit.​

“I was taught by Mr Webbe for 3 years during my History GCSE and A level, and my Ancient History GSCE. His love for the subjects came through in every class and inspired me and my friends a great deal. We developed a great relationship over the years and I really felt that he took particular care and interest in my progress and helped me gain very high grades in all of his classes.”

Mr Webbe is one of those teachers who made sure you got the grade. When I hit sixth form I lost all motivation for my education and developed some mental health issues, which meant that I was at extreme risk of failing year twelve. When I took these issues to Mr Webbe he helped me find different ways of dealing with my problems. He was really supportive when it came to applying to university and as my history teacher was constantly driving me to do well and remain motivated and never gave up on me. I honestly owe my A level success and acceptance to a university to Mr Webbe.