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Chris NJ

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    Chris is a full-time private tutor & education consultant with over a decade (8,000+ hours) of experience and an Aerospace Engineering graduate (MEng ) of the University of Manchester.
    Chris has been tutoring for 11+ years and have experience with all major exam boards (AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC).
    As a dedicated and committed tutor, he has guided many students through their GCSE exams, A-levels, and some University exams and would be excited and inspired to do the same for aspiring students.
    Chris is passionate about education and feels he has the creativity, patience, experience and knowledge to deliver a high quality tutoring service to a wide range of age groups and abilities. His main subjects are Maths, Physics, & the 11+ which he tutors to all school levels (A-level, IB, GCSE, IGCSE etc.),
    Additionally, Chris tutors Engineering, Maths & Physics to undergraduate level on a case by case basis. Moreover, he has experience supporting successful applications to Oxbridge for courses such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Physics, Maths and Computer Science (including preparation for the Oxford PAT, Oxford MAT, TSA, Cambridge CSAT, Cambridge EngAA, Cambridge NSAA, and STEP).
    His focus is always on each individual’s needs and in this way Chris has helped numerous students make sense of subjects that were previously a mystery to them. Both parents and pupils alike have described Chris as ‘enthusiastic, ‘passionate’ and ‘inspiring’ – a reflection of the energy and professionalism he endeavours to bring to all of my sessions.
    His style involves breaking down key lessons that students struggle with using. realistic/visual examples that help illustrate the concept, and by getting them to explain their understanding of what they’ve learnt to each other to further engrave their understanding of the topic.

    Chris has experience of teaching students attending a variety of schools from prestigious private schools such as Kings College School, to grammar schools such as Graveney, and state schools such as BSix Sixth Form & College. These experiences have allowed him to identify where students require help and which learning style to adopt. Chris is extremely organised and plan each lesson meticulously. He has an excellent track record of helping students achieving high grades in a very short amount of time. Chris has worked with a number of elite clients, with a very positive response.