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    As a recent graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Chase approaches each lesson with a sense of creativity and play. He strives to elicit a genuine curiosity from his students, tackling the trickiest of subjects with an enthusiasm for learning. Through games, activities, and innovative exercises, Chase is able to confidently inspire and connect with students of all ages and backgrounds.

    Originally from America, Chase has has been tutoring since he was 16. Volunteering with an inner-city after-school program, Chase was able to work with a variety of children, each at different places in their educational development. Chase is also a hardened standardised test veteran, having coached and taken the ACT/SAT countless times. As an actor and writer, he gets a lot of joy from teaching artistic subjects such as theatre, creative writing, and music. Chase wholeheartedly loves learning, immersing himself in a subject and sharing that comprehension with his students.