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    Having excelled academically herself, Casidhe is currently a medical student in her penultimate year of study at Barts and The London, one of London’s top medical schools. She also has a First Class degree in Psychology and experience working as an Assistant Clinical Neuropsychologist. Casidhe thrived throughout her school years as Head Girl and hopes to impart her knowledge and enthusiasm with her pupils.

    As a future Doctor, Casidhe benefits from a high level of communication training which she incorporates into the classroom to foster clarity in her teaching as well as a positive environment for your child to learn in. Moreover, Casidhe is passionate about Science as a subject, with personal expertise in Biology and Cognitive Neuropsychology, having published research in the fields of Epilepsy and Neuropsychology.

    Casidhe takes pride in being incredibly friendly, with a skill for adapting her style to the social and academic needs of her pupils. She is confident that her pupils will learn valuable information and importantly – enjoy themselves doing so!