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Carlin’s passion for teaching has encouraged him to start tutoring at a young age. Being Head Boy in secondary school gave him an opportunity to express his passions for teaching in setting up an in-house student tutoring programme. Carlin there started to develop early experience in his pursuit for a career in education.

Carlin’s youth gives him a fresh knowledge of the curriculums and exam boards that he highlights as an important tool in his tutoring. He believes maximum results are achieved through not only having an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand, but also a deeper understanding of what the exam boards expect from students.

Carlin’s commitment to education has led him to study and examine the different ways in which students retrieve and process information. His sound knowledge in this respect fully equips him to cater to the learning styles and speeds of every student he comes across.

Studying mechanical engineering in university contributes considerably to Carlin’s innate ability to problem solve and break down information into a more digestible state.

In his own words, ‘Understanding is like the painkiller for frustration; and in its presence passions are born.’. For this reason, Carlin places emphasis on getting students to understand two things; the content and the exam papers. Once these hurdles are surpassed, Carlin believes that success is guaranteed.