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    Calvin has over 4 years of experience tutoring mathematics, computing and physics. He holds a first class degree in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh and a masters degree in ‘The Mathematics of Planet Earth’ from Imperial College London. Currently he is undertaking a PhD in ‘The Mathematics of Planet Earth’ where he uses simple atmosphere-ocean models to better understand abrupt changes in the Earth’s climate. He’s a passionate scientist and regularly takes part in outreach events so that he can help people from a variety of backgrounds understand more about the scientific world around them.  

    As a tutor, Calvin is attentive and raises student confidence through a combination of breaking down complex topics and working through exercises together. Having led tutorials in a variety of STEM subjects (e.g. Climate Physics, Mathematics, Computing) he has a vast experience with students of varied abilities. Calvin’s priorities are to understand a student’s background knowledge and to tailor his teaching to their needs. This process of building a mutual understanding and seeing the student’s ability grow is one that he enjoys and one that regularly leads to improved results.

    Away from his scientific and tutoring work, he’s happiest when he’s camping in different parts of the UK, riding his bike around south London or swimming in Hampstead ponds.