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    Online Only. Calum is an experienced tutor with an incredible passion for languages and education who can teach all levels of French and Spanish, from KS3 up to Oxbridge entrance MLATs. He has tutored pupils between the ages of 10 to 21 for over nine years in languages and also English Literature and Language, Maths, 11+, Essay Technique and Oxbridge Entrance. He studied French and Spanish Linguistics and Literature at Oxford University.

    As well as having extensive private tuition experience, Calum is a qualified French and Spanish teacher with a PGCE from King’s College London and has combined his wealth of knowledge as a tutor with pedagogical strategies to ensure the best outcomes for his students and their development. When it comes to one-to-one tuition, Calum knows that client rapport sits at the heart of his success, both with the family and the student and that allows him to create bespoke tuition to cater for the individual needs of his learner. For him, languages tuition needs to be in a comfortable, relaxed environment for students to explore and to make mistakes and learn from them, without fear of reproach. Previous students would say they always looked forward to his sessions as they built their confidence and competence whilst always being hugely engaging.