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A day in the life
By William B

Up in the morning, and it's still dark. It's 6:20am, on a Saturday, and I'm frantically preparing an extra strong coffee to gulp down before a lesson starts in 10 minutes. Wait, what? What sort of parents would make their children have a lesson at 6:30am? None that...

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Smiling after Christmas
By Stephen F

'Don't smile until Christmas,' goes a wide spread teacher's saying. Stay stern, and you'll get more from your students. Because, we all had that teacher, didn't we? The one whose priority, above all else, was to be popular and, as a result, made very little headway....

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What I wish I’d known about essay writing
By Ellie R-K

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder when it came to writing essays; my natural predisposition is to hoover up all the information I come across and try and sort it out later. I liked to think that this made my essays richer and my knowledge of the subject much deeper...

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