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    Ben is an inspiring and encouraging tutor, specialising in mathematics, with a track record of helping students achieve outstanding exam results. He began tutoring at university, and after a career in the civil service, now has over 8 years of experience teaching in London, both in schools and as a tutor.

    Using his extensive subject knowledge, Ben is able to tailor his methods to the individual student, creating fun and engaging lessons, with a clear focus on building confidence, reducing exam stress, and deepening understanding.

    His lessons are devised not only to present the syllabus in the clearest possible manner, but also to help students with their study and revision planning, ensuring they feel absolutely prepared and confident for their exams.

    He has taught mathematics for GCSE, A-level, IB, American SATs, the Mathematics Olympiad, and at Degree level, working with students from many of the top London schools, including Harrow, St Paul’s, Eton, Wycombe Abbey, Radley College and ASL.

    When not teaching Ben is a keen tennis player, rock climber, guitar player, and gardener.