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    Bea has been receiving really excellent feedback from our clients. She holds a degree in Education with English and Drama from the University of Cambridge as well as an Acting BA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She works as an actor and has four years of teaching experience from supporting herself through her studies.
    Bea is an enthusiastic tutor who is determined to broaden her pupils’ horizons in an engaging and focused fashion. She recognises that some students can feel overlooked in school, whether they are disheartened from falling behind or bored from being ahead. This is why she tailors her classes to each student’s individual needs and encourages confidence as well as inspiring a desire to learn more. She specialises in tutoring English at various levels, with most of her experience focused on Key Stage 2 English and Maths as well as 11+ tutoring, but is also qualified to offer Oxbridge interview practice, and has a wealth of experience in Drama and Theatre Studies, so can offer high quality drama school audition coaching.
    “Fantastic. Bea took a note of [student’s] obsession with Harry Potter and her dislike for Maths and created a shopping list for Hogwarts where [student] had to work out how many items she needs, how much they cost in pound when converting back from Wizard money. She is great. [Student] is normally a little quiet but she’s fully engaged in Beas tutorials.”