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    Arthur recently graduated from King’s College London with a First-Class Honours Msci in Physics and Philosophy. Having self-studied in his twenties to retake his A-levels, he understands well both the value and the challenges of different modes of learning; whether in classroom-based institutions or private and personal study at home. He is a firm believer in being adaptable with styles of teaching to suit and meet different student’s styles of learning.

    Arthur has been tutoring since 2016, as well as teaching his core subjects – Science and Philosophy – to A level, Arthur has classroom experience teaching primary aged students Philosophy with The Philosophy Foundation. Using the Socratic method, Arthur worked with young students to develop their critical thinking skills and confidence in developing and putting forward arguments – philosophical or otherwise. 

    In all his tutoring work, what has bought Arthur the most success (and the most joy), is demonstrating each student’s unique abilities to themselves.


    Thank you for putting us in contact with Arthur he has been invaluable in helping to teach Freddie how to tackle the more difficult questions on his maths papers and also increase his confidence.

    ‘Amazing. Amazing!’ son came away with the biggest grin. We loved the white boards. He agreed to the session being recorded and my son made my husband watch it when he came home.
    “We wanted additional support in biology, physics & chemistry for our son in Year 11 to keep him on track for high grades, which we felt were at risk due to teacher changes at his school. We’d used Dulwich Tutors for our younger son who has dyslexia, to get him through Year 6 SATs and we had no hesitation in calling them again. Their Arthur T. has been brilliant, our son actively enjoys the sessions and always asked for them to continue during school holidays – no higher praise than that! Arthur built a rapport with our son and together they worked out a plan week by week for which topics to tackle. We particularly appreciate Arthur’s flexibility with scheduling, as he’s accommodated requests for changes for example to fit in a session the evening before an exam.”
    Arthur is lovely. He has a great vibe, is calm, kind, encouraging and thorough. [Student] really likes him.
    [X] is very happy with his tutors, Arthur and Lily. He thinks they are both great. His parents evening reflected that he is doing well, the teachers were very positive and I have passed on to his tutors the areas that he needs to work on.

    I have found both tutors to be very responsive to communications and flexible when necessary, but as [X] is 18, he often arranges changes with them himself.