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Alex W

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After graduating in Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese from the University of Exeter, Alex started tutoring in 2016. Since then his focus has been on tutoring languages (mainly French and Spanish) from primary through to A-Level and he has received excellent feedback from all of his clients. In addition, he has taught English from primary to KS3, most notably working with a student at 8+ and helping him secure a place at St Paul’s Junior School. He has a passion for education and relishes the challenge of engaging and inspiring young minds.

A product of both UK and international schooling (Venezuela, USA, Egypt, France), Alex has an ability to connect with pupils from all backgrounds through his adept cross-cultural skills. He is familiar with the demands of the UK education system and so is well-placed to work with clients from overseas, particularly from the Middle East, on interview and entrance exam preparation as well as guidance on university and career choices.

Alex enjoys working with families to achieve the best possible outcome for their child. He believes in mentoring both academics and extracurricular pursuits to deliver a well-rounded education and enable the child to become the best possible version of themselves.

Alex is a natural connector. Through his global upbringing he has experienced a number of different education systems and as a result he is open-minded and engaging in his teaching style. His focus is very much on the understanding of the person before focusing on the content and he feels it is critical to engage with every student. He has developed valuable skills through his own training which enable him to find common ground with everyone. In addition, he is a great believer in alternative learning techniques as way to diversify his tutorials and as tool to build personal motivation and confidence in his students. He often uses e-learning apps alongside his face-to-face tuition to maximise his tutees learning potential.


“Given Alex’s academic background and his breadth of experiences, little will phase him, and his strong sense of independence and his worldly-wise persona enables him to adapt to a myriad of situations. Alex always saw academic study as a way to becoming intrinsically more informed rather than an exercise for their own sake. Undoubtedly, he passes on similar values to his students.”


“Alex is an energetic and engaging tutor. We were delighted with the results he was able to achieve with our son. O. is now much more confident with his level of English and was able to achieve a place at St Paul’s Primary School.”


“Excellent tutor with a natural aptitude for engaging and explaining in a simplified manner.”