Alex W


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    Alex is a languages and humanities tutor with three years’ experience. He specialises in 11+ exam preparation for UK independent schools but has also tutored French (13+ and GCSE), Spanish (GCSE) and History (13+).

    He uses his calm and patient approach to put tutees at ease and has a wealth of knowledge to share with them throughout his tutorials.

    He has a proven track record in successfully placing international students in schools such as Bryanston, Harrow, and St Pauls.

    Alex holds a BA in Arabic and Spanish from Exeter University and completed his legal education at the University of Law, Moorgate.


    “Given Alex’s academic background and his breadth of experiences, little will phase him, and his strong sense of independence and his worldly-wise persona enables him to adapt to a myriad of situations. Alex always saw academic study as a way to becoming intrinsically more informed rather than an exercise for their own sake. Undoubtedly, he passes on similar values to his students.”


    “Alex is an energetic and engaging tutor. We were delighted with the results he was able to achieve with our son. O. is now much more confident with his level of English and was able to achieve a place at St Paul’s Primary School.”


    “Excellent tutor with a natural aptitude for engaging and explaining in a simplified manner.”