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Alex B



Alex is a patient and encouraging tutor, who builds a good rapport with students by helping them to unlock their strengths and develop the techniques which work best for them. He has an excellent track record of students achieving top scores and being offered places at their first choice school, and has helped many students successfully prepare for entrance exams to schools including St Paul’s, Westminster, Alleyn’s and City of London.
During lockdown, Alex started running Debate Club – weekly online sessions for students aged 9-14 to discuss a wide range of topics and develop vital communication skills. There are now four Debate Club groups running, with spaces available for anyone interested in gaining confidence with public speaking and debate.

Alex has a 1st Class Degree in English and Drama from Sussex University, and was invited back to Sussex as a visiting tutor earlier this year. Alongside tutoring, he is currently Participation Associate at the Almeida theatre in Islington where he works on theatre projects with young people.

“Week by week my son’s confidence within the group has grown – after every session he feels a great sense of achievement, he is always smiling and when asked, always says he enjoys it! I can tell, that he has realised that he has the ability to contribute his own ideas and thoughts clearly and confidently while interacting well with others. He now willingly speaks up and shares his opinions with more assertiveness and even if he’s not entirely confident in his ideas, this is no longer stopping him or slowing him down when voicing them.”
“After the first Debate Club, I asked my daughter if she wanted to do it again, and she said, “I wouldn’t miss that for anything!” She loved thinking through her opinions and discussing them, and Alex listened and treated everyone’s thoughts with dignity and respect, which really helped increase her confidence.”