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    Adem is an extremely experienced tutor with more than 7 years of tutoring experience. He has a MSci in Physics from the University of London and a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Queen Mary and Westfield College. He has guided numerous students to great success including helping a student previously ranked as a D to pass an entrance exam with distinction with less than 2 months of prep time and to help a student pass an exam with a first with only 5 days of intensive study.

    Furthermore, during his time completing his Masters degree and during his PhD thesis, he worked as an SEPnet officer. During this time he participated in several projects where the goal was to try to get students to study Maths and Physics at university level. Some of these projects included: mentoring groups of students that were working on a project, doing demonstrations at secondary schools and various open day events. As part of his training for this role he was taught a variety of empirically proven methods of effective communication and education i.e. what actually helps someone learn better. Consequently he is very effective at explaining complex subjects in an easily understood manner since the goal was to make Scientific subjects interesting and exciting.