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Zuleika is a nurturing, innovative and cheerful tutor. Her greatest joy is derived from observing her pupils reach their fullest potential, as they gain confidence in their learning.

Zuleika enjoys focusing on technique and a student’s deeper understanding of a subject. She says “Learning how to draw or create art is a skill like any other – if you utilise some basic rules and practice learnable techniques, I firmly believe that anyone can develop to produce accurate, interesting, mature work of a high standard. People can feel discouraged by their artistic attempts, as their work is so far from the vision in their mind. When they have learnt how to demonstrate their creative concepts JUST as they imagine them – they soon love to create and express themselves visually. Anyone can draw if they’ve learnt how to observe and how to use their tools – this is what I love to teach and to watch emerging within my students.”

Zuleika teaches within the private school sector and as a tutor. Recently as ‘Head of Art’ at an excellent independent primary in Kent, her students won several national and regional ‘ISA’ (Independent School Awards) awards in Art. Her students have gained coveted Art scholarships (and bursaries) to a number of independent secondary schools such as Blackheath High, King’s, Cobham Hall and Benenden, they have also gained ‘Apptitude’ places at ‘Holland Park’, and ‘Greycoats’.

Zuleika has also tutored students at 11+; and has a thorough understanding of the Common Entrance and 11+ curriculum, requirements and process.

Zuleika has high standards for her pupils, expecting diligence and focus, but she is kind, patient and infectiously enthusiastic. Zuleika tailors her lessons and curriculum to the child’s specific needs.

Zuleika specialises in applications for Art and Drama Scholarships. When choosing a secondary school, many parents overlook the many Arts Scholarships and Aptitude places available – which can enable admission where exam results or location may not otherwise put them top of the list. Zuleika has a track record of pupils that have achieved such places.