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Theo has been tutoring for ten years. His specialist subjects are English, Spanish, French, Drama and English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

In his own words, “I am a good tutor because I know how to build a rapport with a child. I have a lot of experience working with children of all different ages and know how to make lessons fun. Tutoring is not just about work though: I have helped children with unusual social or family problems, particularly individuals whose parents are high-profile and discreet.”

Since 2009, Theo has worked exclusively for a high-profile international family. For seven years he tutored their two sons (now 15 and 18) in a variety of subjects at all different levels, teaching Maths and Science when they were younger but concentrating on languages and the arts as they grew older.

“I also took them on weekend cultural trips in and around London for a period of three years. I devised study programs when travelling with the family in the holidays (Sardinia, St Bart’s, St Moritz, Dubai and Miami amongst others!)”

Theo coached the boys for their Common Entrance interviews and helped secure them both places at Harrow School. He has ten years’ experience teaching boys and girls of all different ages (mainly short term residential and international placements) and has also taught English as a Foreign Language to adults.

In his own words, “I love reading, writing, keeping fit, paddle tennis, films, theatre and travel. I love History and History of Art and tend to seek out museums and art galleries wherever I go. I am a linguist – my immediate family live in Spain, Bulgaria and San Diego – and I am currently teaching myself Russian. I also come from an acting background and am interested in different accents. I like to sing karaoke (my “La Bamba” in Spanish is a surefire hit!) and have been known to duet with clients in hotel piano lounges!”