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Ruthann believes it is important to focus on the whole child in respect of learning, by raising belief in their own ability to learn and achieve. She likes to approach this by ensuring that, apart from the need to work, learning can be fun.

Ruthann has twenty-­three years of experience working with Special Educational Needs. She has worked for the past eighteen years at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School. For the first five years she worked across all the primary years in the classroom; the next three on a one-to-one basis outside the classroom with Years 3 and 4. Her focus for the past ten years has been on children’s reading and spelling, as this is a fundamental necessity for all.

Ruthann’s school recognised both her ability and interest in working one-to-one and therefore sent her on a week’s intensive residential course to qualify to teach a phonic scheme called Phono Graphix. Over the years Ruthann has been able to build a greater understanding and knowledge of children’s specific needs, thus enabling her to develop individual learning plans for children. She has also worked on other areas of the curriculum in years 3 and 4. Her experience includes working with Dyslexia, ASD and EBD, in addition to those children who need a period of one-to-one input to boost both their learning and confidence.