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Rebecca is a warm-hearted, passionate and meticulous tutor. She graduated with a BA in Japanese Language and Literature; an MA in Comparative East Asian and African Literature and a PhD in Islamic mystical literature of West Africa from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

With seventeen years’ of experience working with a range of ages, she has taught English GCSE and iGCSE to home-schooled students; English literature ‘A’ level in-house at college level and Islamic Studies at BA and Master’s level. She specialises in teaching on-line, and has established an on-line teaching centre, running short courses for one-to-one tutorials; small classes and community groups worldwide.

A calm, focused, empathetic tutor, Rebecca has also worked successfully with dyslexic students, such as Adam, taking a Master’s in Real Estate, who passed with a Distinction, or Emma, who, after obtaining an ‘E’ for her English GCSE at school, managed to pass with a ‘C’ with Rebecca’s support. Rebecca has also worked successfully with students taking English GCSE two years early, and has taught two years’ of iGCSE in six months to a student who passed with A*.


“As a former undergraduate student at the Islamic College I can say with great privilege that Rebecca was one of my tutors for a number of modules. She as a lecturer has been of great help and support to me, especially when writing my assignments. Not only is she friendly and approachable, she is one tutor who until now has worked diligently to support me with my work.”

“I would also like to note that Rebecca’s lessons were one of the highlights of studying my Degree as she put in extra time, care and precision into the lessons.”


“Thank you very much! Yes I was very happy, especially about English because the exam was quite difficult. Alhamdullilah I nearly got 90 out of 100 in both exams, couldn’t have done it without the amazing English teacher I’ve had.”