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Ralph is a patient, caring and enthusiastic tutor who aims to inspire and encourage children to develop a love of learning by nurturing their strengths and guiding them to develop self- confidence in areas of weakness.

He completed a PGCE in Primary education in 2006 at London South Bank University. Since then Ralph has been working as a Primary school teacher as well as a private tutor and has a wealth of experience teaching Reception, Key Stage1, Key Stage2, preparing children for SATS exams and preparing pupils for their 7+ and 11+ to the Dulwich schools. He has tutored children with various learning difficulties and is sympathetic to their needs and the additional challenges they may face.

In his own words:

‘I work on the premise that children are naturally inquisitive, so I pay special attention to finding out what it is that makes them tick and then personalise their learning accordingly. Through careful guidance, making learning fun and celebrating each success, I aim to help children progress quickly towards reaching their true potential’.

Ralph is passionate about the arts and is a keen musician playing Saxophone and Flute. He has taught children music both in and out of school settings and uses music as a teaching tool for other subjects whenever possible