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Rachel H



Rachel is an experienced teacher with a strong academic record. She is patient, committed and passionate about education. Rachel enjoys making learning interesting, whilst challenging her students; she is both organised and enthusiastic.

Having achieved 10 A*s and A’s at GCSE, Rachel continued to A level at one of the best grammar schools in the country, before gaining a place at The University of Sheffield to read French and History. Following a successful year tutoring English at a Parisian business school, she became a French secondary school teacher.

Rachel taught in Cheshire and Surrey, becoming head of languages in her third year of teaching. Therefore, Rachel has extensive experience in both classroom teaching and one-to-one tutoring. This includes GCSE French oral exams, French A-level debate classes, and French, Spanish and History at KS3. She delivered a range of revision sessions at all levels, from working with high ability students aiming for the top grades, to supporting those with special educational needs.

Rachel is now working in education policy at the Department for Education. When not tutoring, Rachel enjoys exploring London, travelling and reading.