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Prabhath is a highly experienced, passionate tutor. An Economics and Politics graduate from Bath University, since 2009, Prabhath has tutored Maths, Science, Economics for over 500 hours; he also enjoys tutoring students in common entrance preparation and English.

Prabhath is a firm believer in nurturing curiosity and teaching pupils the skills they need to teach themselves. He aims to provide as personalised a service as possible. His lessons are tailored to pupils’ learning styles, interests and abilities to make every lesson an enjoyable experience. His ability to break down complex concepts and present them simply allows his to build his pupils’ confidence and critical ability regardless of level.

Furthermore, his willingness to challenge his pupils results in greater engagement with subject matter. Prabhath aims for deep understanding in his subjects; Maths and Economics tutoring involves verbal feedback from pupils as well as an exploration of the history of the subject.

In addition to having completed the inspirational Teach First scheme Prabhath has also worked in the Foreign Office, as an Equity Research Analyst, and as a Management Consultant.

In his spare time, he is an avid musician, improv performer, and cyclist.