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Naomi was her school’s highest achieving student for both GCSEs and A-Levels, receiving full marks for her Maths A-Level and the top grades in her History, Physics and English A-Levels. She then went on to study a law degree at London School of Economics, which was then the best law school in the country, hence is confident in tutoring law at an undergraduate level, as well as preparing students for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams.

Naomi has worked as a live-in tutor for a student studying for his GCSEs, as well as a student in her first year of secondary school, helping them both with study everyday after school. She has also been in charge of a tutoring programme at her own school. As she has worked with children in many capacities, Naomi approaches students in an engaging manner, creating trusting relationships which really help students to develop in confidence. As Naomi currently works as an actor, she is a very warm and approachable tutor who can also apply her strong academic skills to fit any tutoring need.