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Najib is a highly experienced tutor specialising in Maths tuition. He is passionate about teaching with a very patient attitude and believes everything can be explained in the simplest possible way. He believes successful teaching is not only through being interactive and engaging with students but also keeping them keen and captivated to learn.

Some of Najib’s clients include:

• KS2 and KS3 Pupils

• 11+/13+ Entrance Exam Students

• GCSE pupils

• A Level Mechanics and Core Maths Students

• Clients needing help on their Numerical Psychometric Tests

• Students who require help with coursework

Having completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London, coupled with 6+ years of rigorous teaching experience; Najib is more than able to accommodate any academic goal or need.

He has worked in schools, tuition centres and for his university as a tutor. Additionally he has tutored dozens of private clients who he has helped achieve amazing results.

Najib has helped a lot of struggling students that were borderline C/D grades to achieving A’s and A*’s in their exams. His ability to quickly build rapport with students and identify their weaknesses help him to cater for each individual clients specific needs and problems.

Tutoring is a very personal passion for Najib. Whenever his students achieves great results he also feels he achieves with them. He often finds himself as happy or even more so than his students on results day.

Since graduating from University he has dedicated his time to tutoring and running his own successful e-commerce business.


“Going through my A-Levels, having Najib as my tutor drastically boosted my own understanding of maths and which best techniques to use for the appropriate question; allowing me to approach the subject in a much more structured and methodical way. Having being taught by Najib made me realise how much more I am capable at working at A-Level, despite previously having the impression that I had a relative handle of the subject. This became apparent in the very noticeable positive change in my conduct within our maths lessons and also at college. Najib had the uncommon ability to simplify and break down the most seemingly hard topics, to ones that were easily digestible and quick to comprehend often in a way that even my teachers at school don’t reach. Despite being able to convey information in that simple manner, it’s apparent that he has a much deeper knowledge and a robust understanding of the greater subject. When teaching, the best part about him is how he communicates with me – it’s tailored to my way of thinking and how I express things, making interactions more personal and dynamic for a well-suited lesson that revolves around me, while constantly pushing my boundaries in a controlled and highly professional manner – outlining and giving me well thought-out and effective study plans. I can wholeheartedly say that for whatever level of maths one might need, Najib can more than do the job.”


“I have worked with Najib to prepare for maths tests used in interviews for job in merchandising and retail. I found Najib to be an excellent and professional tutor who has an excellent ability to communicate and who is intuitive to the needs of a student. Najib not only found the right materials for my test preparation but was also patient and encouraging when I needed to work out more difficult problems. His tact, professional help and individual approach helped me improve my maths and my confidence went up when I went to testing. No surprisingly I got my job! I wholeheartedly recommend Najib to any student – he will find a right approach and will bring out your best abilities. “