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Luke is an experienced, intuitive and engaging tutor of the Humanities and core subjects; ranging from Social Sciences, Economics, History and Archaeology to English and Maths. He has years of experience delivering excellent results at AS and A-Level as well as 11+/13+ Common Entrance and takes pride in mentoring candidates of all ages to fulfil their academic potential.

In believing that curating a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning is just as important as taking on the content, Luke always seeks to build a fantastic relationship with candidates and promote their independent capacity for learning and investigation.

In his own words:

“Throughout my academic career I’ve learnt a remarkable amount about learning difficulties; how they are diagnosed, managed and accommodated. I am Dyslexic myself, which in my earlier years manifested in a reduced inclination to engage with literature, issues with spelling and organisational skills. Throughout my time at Dulwich College and later the University of Oxford I established a system of techniques and learned behaviours which reduced my noticeable difficulties to almost nil.

By diversifying my learning mediums, practising rigorous organisation and documentation of my work, and actively seeking out literature that I really loved and found gripping I developed a system around my Dyslexia which at times made me feel it was almost an advantage.

I have significant experience of the process of Educational Psychology testing, as well as DSA applications which I feel has equipped me to tutor candidates who face the same challenges and experiences that I have had.

I believe that Learning Difficulties can be better understood, and that actively engaging with techniques and practices to help specific candidates with their specific difficulties should be paramount; and this ethos governs my tutoring.”

A keen sportsman, Luke has undertaken several international cycle rides and climbed the Four Peaks to raise money for Bursary Schemes at Dulwich College in London and the University of Oxford where he studied as an Undergraduate. He also loves rugby, triathlon, skiing and mountaineering. When he’s not tutoring, Luke runs his own Mobile Software Development and Marketing company.