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Lucy is a highly experienced, engaging tutor and qualified primary school teacher. She currently works as a Year 1 Class Teacher in Bromley and has 5 years Primary School teaching experience (working with children from Nursery age up to Year 6). She has a Human Resource Management degree from the University of Liverpool and a PGCE from Manchester Metropolitan University. Before teaching, she worked in both the Media and Architectural industries, within Human Resource departments. She is friendly, passionate about teaching and has extensive world-wide travel experience.

In her own words: “Childhood wonder and perception of the world is something that has always captivated me. I believe that teaching starts with understanding the needs of each individual child and providing a safe and stimulating environment, for them to explore and learn. Learning has to be meaningful, engaging and purposeful, using relevant resources to create lively discussion. I encourage question and answer sessions and give pupils the opportunity to carry out small tasks, giving continuous feedback. My aim, as a teacher and tutor, is to inspire children to love learning and grow in confidence. I carry out an initial assessment with all pupils during their first session with me and then meticulously plan future lessons towards pupil’s individual needs and goals.”


“My son got a scholarship (we found out today), so we are very grateful for all Emmanuel did. My son really enjoyed the tutorials; they gave him confidence and polished his exam technique.”


Tom Fenton is a marvellous tutor, striking a perfect balance of erudition, encouragement, judicious pressure, kindness and humour. His work with my daughter produced stellar results in the form of three scholarships; I can’t recommend him too highly.