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Kimmy is a warm, friendly and patient tutor, always teaching with a smile on his face and enthusiasm for the subject. He has recently completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Oxford University investigating visual pathways in the brain. After graduating from York with a BSc in Psychology at the top of his class, he went on to complete a Masters in Neuroscience at Oxford, where he became involved in tutoring both undergraduates and local school children. Kimmy is a local to South London, having attended Dulwich College as a boy, and is very familiar with the academic and extra-curricular demands of the top schools. He enjoys teaching and is keen to have a genuine positive impact on the local community. Kimmy has in the past spent several months as a volunteer teacher at a school for children in Mumbai, India, and as a teaching assistant in primary schools in London.

Kimmy uses his knowledge of the neurological processes involved in memory and learning to help students fully recognise the most efficient strategies and techniques for learning and understanding new ideas and concepts, helping them to help themselves. Kimmy believes building a student’s confidence and enjoyment of a subject, breaking down complex ideas into simpler components, and engaging in constant dialogue, are the hallmarks of a successful tutoring experience. His five years at Oxford University have also given him valuable insight into successful Oxbridge applications. When he is not tutoring, Kimmy enjoys writing, playing sports (he played football for the Oxford University 1st team), music and socialising. He recognises and encourages the importance of students to be well-rounded individuals, in order to be get the most out of the tutoring and learning experience.