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Justin is a bright, creatively-minded tutor who believes in starting from wherever you are. He studied at Durham University and left with a First in Classics, specialising in Latin and literary analysis. His final-year undergraduate dissertation won awards in his department and was published in Threads, an undergraduate journal, upon graduation. 

His tutoring experience spans everything from intensively preparing younger pupils for entrance exams in English and Latin to teaching French to more mature students learning recreationally. 

He’s taught pupils from 11 to 40 years old for Common Entrance, GCSE and beyond. 
Justin is also available to teach English, French, Greek to GCSE and, if anyone requires it, Sanskrit.  He has also run drama workshops for schools and community groups as part of his theatre company Catharsis, which produces cutting-edge new adaptations of Greek drama.  
When not tutoring Justin is a theatre director and enjoys reading and practicing his latte art skills.