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Jane loves that breakthrough moment when a student grasps a new idea and is excited by what they can do with it. Whether it’s understanding a new grammar rule and using it correctly, digesting feedback on a piece of creative writing in order to improve their work or discovering a pitfall in current research, Jane loves enabling her students to use their learning creatively. Her approach is both challenging and calm, encouraging students to acquire the skills they need and desire.

She is an experienced teacher and tutor who has taught English as a Foreign Language in several schools in Cambridge and London for five years, as well as academic writing to pre-MA students in London. She has experience with young teenagers teaching Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Logic tests in New York City and with older teenagers teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Jane is an active creative writer and editor who has published several pieces and edits a range of non-fiction and fiction online. She loves nothing more than discussing thinking and writing!