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Emmanuel is in huge demand as a Maths and Science tutor.

He is constantly praised for his dynamic, empathetic and lively tutorials.

He has a Masters in Engineering and Computer Sciences from Pembroke College, Oxford University and achieved straight A’s at ‘A’ level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

He is a highly experienced tutor and incredibly passionate about tutoring;he enjoys tutoring Maths and all Sciences at GCSE and A Level, 7+, 11+, 13+ and Oxbridge interview preparation. Emmanuel’s interests included basketball, traveling, current affairs, salsa and debating.


Emmanuel has been absolutely great and such a lovely guy.


My son got a scholarship (we found out today), so we are very grateful for all Emmanuel did. My son really enjoyed the tutorials; they gave him confidence and polished his exam technique.


Emmanuel has taught both of my teenagers and has been fantastic at taking the stress and mystery out of maths and sciences! He is calm, empathetic and intuitive, and uses his substantial teaching skills to instill new confidence in the subjects. Having a science background myself, I have been extremely grateful for a. his mastery of his subjects, and b. his ability to flex and adapt to sudden changes.