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Emily H



Emily is an intelligent, imaginative and adept tutor with a degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge University.

Emily began tutoring students during her gap year, whilst working as a language assistant at a secondary school in France. Whilst at the school she mainly focused on tutoring students in English, and found the work extremely rewarding. Emily assisted one of her students in her preparation for her successful application to the Sorbonne, one of France’s most prestigious universities.

In her own words:

“One reason that I am very interested in tutoring is because it would enable me to pass on my own enjoyment of English literature and languages. I was very lucky, particularly during sixth-form, to receive excellent teaching that encouraged me to read beyond the A Level syllabus. Aside from playing a huge part in my decision to study languages at university, my memories of these lessons have helped me to realise the importance of teaching exciting content to my students.

After my gap year, I studied French and Spanish at Peterhouse, Cambridge University. I spent a year abroad during my degree working as an English assistant in a French secondary school. Once my contract had ended with the school, I tutored English to schoolchildren and adults in Paris.

Following my graduation from Cambridge in 2015, I have tutored English, French and Spanish to schoolchildren and adults. I have also communicated with my tutees’ families every week to update them with a comprehensive report of their child’s progress. My approach to tutoring centres on creating a relaxed yet professional atmosphere in order to help my students to thrive and reach their full potential.”


“We were very happy with Emily’s performance here at the school. We feel that our students have benefited from her lessons and can now approach their examinations more confidently. Emily’s polite and professional manner is commendable.”