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Dizz Tate is a writer and educator currently living in London. She received a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Goldsmiths College, and is currently finishing an MA in Creative and Life Writing. While studying, she has worked as a tutor both in mainstream schools and privately, with a focus on creative education.  After being born in London, she moved to Orlando, Florida at the age of seven, and stayed until graduating high school at seventeen. She took AP exams (the equivalent of A level), receiving 5 or A star in English Literature, English Language, American Government, European History, and Psychology. She received 4 or B equivalent in Human Geography, World History, Environmental Science, and Art History. She received a perfect score on the reading and writing portion of the SAT, with an overall score of 2300.
After graduating university in the UK, she worked as a teaching assistant for EAL students (English as a second language) at Heston Community School in Hounslow. She was responsible for differentiating the curriculum for students who were not native English speakers, working privately with Year 7-11 students, particularly in science and English where the language was particularly difficult. She also worked one-on-one with students and with small groups, focussing on teaching English in a creative way; often using visuals, debate, and drama in order to develop a greater understanding of written and spoken word. She was responsible for beginning a Reading club, which took place before school every morning and in which students would read to each other. She also started a Poetry Club, in which students read and wrote their own poetry, using different starting techniques and games (such as collage) in order to inspire an innovative way of approaching a hard subject! She ran workshops with some of the teachers in the SEN and EAL departments, teaching creative writing exercises and games to be used in class.
She then worked with The Complete Works educational charity; a network set up which connects students who cannot be in mainstream education with creative tutors. She underwent training with the company, which encourages tutors to use their own ingenuity when interpreting the curriculum. For example, rather than using a generic teaching strategy, teachers are encouraged to tailor the curriculum to the interests of the student; for instance, whether a student is interested in politics, carpentry, or poetry, the teacher would design the lesson plan in accordance!
Recently, while completing her MA, Dizz has worked with Inkhead tutoring, specifically running creative writing workshops with primary school age students. She also works with a charity called Equal Education on a government-funded scheme for looked after children, preparing students for their GCSE exams.
As well as her teaching work, Dizz has pursued creative writing projects for the last six years. She began working as a freelance music writer as a teenager growing up in Orlando, Florida, and continued this after moving to London for university. In 2013, she was long-listed for London’s Young Poet Laureate, and became a part of the Podium Poets collective. She worked with the agency Spread the Word to plan an anthology and launch event with the poetry collective, and also received training in poetry education and running workshops for teenagers. She took part in the Lyric theatre’s Young Playwrights programme in 2014, and wrote a short play as part of a showcase at the London Design Festival. She has had work published with The Wrong Quarterly, Squawk Back, Femmeuary, National Writers in Education, Arachne Press, 3:am magazine, Corda, and No Tokens Journal. In 2015, she was long-listed for the Bare Fiction and Bristol short story prizes. She has a forthcoming pamphlet being published by the Goldsmiths press, having been chosen to represent the alumni of the BA creative writing programme from the last ten years. She is currently working on her first novel based in her hometown of Orlando, Florida.