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Dan G



Dan is an experienced Maths and Science tutor with an MSc in Chemistry from Imperial College London. He is currently completing his PhD alongside his teaching commitments.

In his own words: “I am a firm believer that even complex problems are universally solvable, provided a tutee possesses fundamental understanding of a topic and a logical framework guiding their approach to solution. As an experienced tutor, I focus on building fundamental understanding and training tutees to analyse exam-style questioning and rapidly identify ‘breakpoints’ requiring distinct approaches and techniques.

Each individual tutee has different learning styles and strengths. I set out to breed tutee confidence and an awareness for their own personal learning mechanisms. I am keen to challenge tutees to raise their own conceptual understanding and learning capacity, offering modern techniques and a diverse set of learning styles that are tailored to their individual requirements.

Bearing an excellent academic background in science and mathematics, I am able to simply difficult concepts and present varied perspectives to heighten knowledge and enthusiasm for natural science. My mantra is: ‘understanding is ultimately key to enjoyment of a subject.”