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University of Cambridge (2014): Masters of Arts in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies University of Cambridge (2011): Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Middle East Studies SOAS, University of London (2011): Advanced Arabic,
London Academic of Music and Dramatic Arts (2006): Foundation Course in Theatre


Camilla’s BA and MA degrees from University of Cambridge as well as her enthusiasm for academic excellence makes her an ideal academic tutor for students of various ages. During her undergrad she received a 60% scholarship and won the Ivy Compton Burnett Prize in Writing and the Harvard Book Prize.


Camilla is a high in demand tutor, tutoring in preparation for 7+ 11+ (English/Maths/VR/NVR) and 13+ exams, GCSE’s and A Level English and English literature, History, Anthropology, essay writing skills and various other humanities subjects. Camilla has glowing references from parents and students. She has trained students successfully for common entrance exams for schools such as Dulwich College, City of London, Westminster, St. Paul’s and more. She works (psychoanalytically) with children from the ages of 0-18 and has trained in child development at Maison Verte UK.

She takes a practical and creative approach to learning, focussing on exam and assessment related skills, but tailoring the approach to her student’s cues. She is patient, but has high expectations. She loves to build rapport and help unlock long-standing academic blocks and problems. Having herself frequently worked in high-stress environments (BBC and Al Jazeera), Camilla is, to this day, dedicated to finding better ways for people of all ages to flourish.


* Common Entrance Exams preparation: 7+ 11+ 13+ for top London schools; *English and English literature (Primary, Secondary, GCSE, A levels, Undergraduate); *Various Humanities Subjects: Journalism, Anthropology, History, Sociology, Middle Eastern Studies, etc; *Essay Writing Skills: GCSE’s to Masters level *University/Oxbridge entrance (UK/US)


Camilla spends her free time volunteering at refugee and asylum seeking organisations, teaching refugee youth and adults, and providing advocacy and integration support. She loves creative writing, music and dance!


“Camilla worked with our son to improve his UCAS statement and to help him prepare for Oxbridge interviews. He was extremely uncertain about which universities to apply to, and wanted to play it safe by selecting a subject [English] that he’d already studied at school. Camilla was good at helping him look beyond the sales-pitch of each institution and working out which curriculum interested him most. She also helped him dig deeper in his response to texts he is studying at school, such as Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’. They decided together that his wider reading needed to expand if he really wanted a chance at Oxbridge (something he was very defensive about, and would not discuss with me). He has been at state school all his life and feels that Oxbridge might not be the right place for him, so there have been some confidence issues to tackle. They have since worked out a reading plan which they will review throughout the year. I think the best thing for us about Camilla is that, due to her personal networks, she has quite a nuanced view of different UK and US universities, and is able to extend those networks to her tutees, giving them a better chance both of being accepted, and of finding an institution that suits their personality”.


“Camilla is patient and kind. She makes me feel like there was a future for me in this country if I improved my confidence in speaking English and my interview skills. We have worked a lot with poetry, because we both love literature. And she has also helped me write cover letters and prepare for job interviews. She encourages me a lot and sometimes I am not ready yet to take advantage of her suggestions, but I appreciate that she is thinking of me so much throughout the week, not just in the hour we spend together. I know that she is willing to wait until I am ready to take advantage of her knowledge and enthusiasm in many areas of life beyond the English language.”


“I love learning vocab and advanced English with Camilla. She chooses extremely hard texts and songs, which give me a real challenge. I look forward to our lessons every week!”


“I love all our teachers from Cambridge [University] but the most patient one is Camilla.”