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Callum B



Callum is an approachable and engaging tutor who values the importance of relating pupils’ extracurricular interests to their respective fields of academic study. He grew up in Ireland and Yorkshire, and comes from a diverse working background encompassing political consultancy, mental health law and visual design.

Having finished secondary school with straight-A’s at A-level, Callum studied at the University of Warwick and the University of Vienna, gaining a 2:1 in Politics and International Relations. He has recently completed his postgraduate studies in Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths (University of London), where he achieved a Masters with Distinction.

Callum can draw upon his academic experience to provide robust tutorage in Politics, History and English. He is acutely conscious of exam-board requirements, and believes that such criteria can be met through the constructive harnessing of pupils’ strengths and passions.

When not tutoring, Callum clerks mental health review tribunals across various hospital trusts in the London area. At times, he has had to ensure the smooth-running of patient hearings on adolescent units, and this has given him valuable experience in alleviating tense and often stressful situations for young people.

In his spare time, Callum vociferously consumes documentary films, current affairs reportage, football gossip and chilli nuts, the latter of which he tries to offset through his love-hate relationship with running.