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Anna is a capable and highly motivated individual. She has over six years’ experience of working with Primary School children and understands fully the academic challenges of prominent, competitive State and Private Schools. 

By employing a strict but kind and highly encouraging style of teaching Anna aims to provide empathic guidance for the child and tap into what motivates them to engage in and be autonomous with their learning.

In tutoring Anna offers thorough planning and structure to enhance the individual child’s ability and address their needs. She has access to a vast range of up to date resources (books/worksheets/online) to facilitate additional learning needs to a high standard. Her creative implementation of lesson plans using National Curriculum materials delivers a playful, fun and vibrant lesson for younger pupils.

Anna also has years of experience with SEN children (ASD, MLD and Down syndrome.) She has worked with Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists to create individual learning plans that focus on motor skills and concentration development.