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Andreas is a Lecturer of Politics at the University of London where he teaches courses in Political Theory, Ideologies and Philosophy. He also holds pastoral and academic support roles that include being the Director of Studies for first year students as well as the convener of the Politics Study Skills Seminar and the Politics Dissertation Seminar. In addition to his lectureship post, for the past seven years, Andreas has been a private tutor to dozens of A-level and university students from various backgrounds; he looks forward to working with many more in years to come and helping more young minds reach their full academic potential.

In his own words: “My teaching motto is that ‘you do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother`. I offer a holistic approach to teaching in seeking to inspire and guide students to reach the essential core of philosophical and political inquiry. My approach to teaching has afforded me the runner-up position for the Peake Award for Excellence in Learning & Teaching, an award offered by the University of London to student nominated lecturers, and to date all my A-level students have achieved, where possible, higher than their predicted grades.”


“My son got a scholarship (we found out today), so we are very grateful for all Emmanuel did. My son really enjoyed the tutorials; they gave him confidence and polished his exam technique.”


Tom Fenton is a marvellous tutor, striking a perfect balance of erudition, encouragement, judicious pressure, kindness and humour. His work with my daughter produced stellar results in the form of three scholarships; I can’t recommend him too highly.