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Alex G



Alex is a gifted, patient and empathetic tutor. He understands that being a young person isn’t always a picnic (though picnics are extremely overrated anyway) and treats his students as the equals they undoubtedly are.

After graduating from Cambridge with a First in Languages and a Masters in Media, Alex has worked in film, fashion and journalism. His years in the services industry have taught him immeasurable restraint and relentless politeness in the face of demanding customers.

Aside from his scholastic achievements in Mathematics, Alex’s true gift is for writing and critiquing essays. He appreciates the importance of being able to structure knowledge into a compelling argument on the page—a skill that grows in value as one’s academic life progresses.

He has also had the good fortune of acquiring invaluable essay-writing advice from his Professors at Cambridge (which helped him to win and be nominated for academic and journalistic prizes). To this day, much of Alex’s “free time” is devoted to perfecting the craft of the personal essay.

Having lived five years in Spain, Alex speaks Spanish no worse than a local, and can correct pronunciation and written work with more precision than most natives.

Alex loves communicating with people on a personal, one-on-one basis; giving his full focus and attention to someone, and is excited whenever given the chance to share the lessons he’s learnt from the great teachers he’s been lucky enough to surround himself with.