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Abigail is a friendly and enthusiastic tutor with a passion for teaching and working with students. She was Head Girl of Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School and acted as both a tutor and mentor throughout her time at school and Oxford University. In her tutoring Abigail combines an open, conversational approach to learning with a keen understanding of the specific educational requirements at each level. She understands the value individual tuition affords students by providing the space to identify and target problem areas away from the pressure of the classroom. Tailored learning is at the heart of Abigail’s approach; she aims to get to know each student’s learning habits – both strengths and weaknesses – so that she can work effectively towards their study goals in a coordinated and focused manner. Abigail’s areas of specialism are History, English and Religious Studies up to and including A-Level; Abigail secured Grade A* in all three of these subjects at A Level.

As an Oxford history graduate, Abigail can also provide help preparing for the interview process and the entrance examination. Abigail has worked with numerous students ranging from aged five to eighteen. She is eager to help prepare both younger students for forthcoming entrance exams, and older students for their national exams. Abigail is focused on helping each student to develop their intellectual curiosity in a way that also fulfils the rigorous requirements of the educational system. Aside from tutoring Abigail’s main interests are politics, cooking and sport.


Our 14 year old son had missed over a term and a half of of school due to illness;he’d lost confidence and become disengaged. Abigail worked with him three times a week for a term. He grew in confidence and found a new desire to learn. In his internal exams, his grades in English, History and R.S went from Cs to Bs and As and A*, and he is now back at school. Without Abigail’s sensitive approach, this would never have happened.