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Leo is a warm and engaging tutor with extensive teaching experience. He was awarded a BA in English Literature and Politics from the University of York, and also specialises in Theatre Studies and teaches the 11+ & 13+ exams.

Leo has helped students achieve high grades at a variety of educational levels. Over the course of his teaching career, which included a a year in Japan as a specialist English tutor, he developed his belief in tailoring each lesson to the individual student. Leo’s approach centres on using fun but structured lessons to develop a rapport with his students while building up their fluency, confidence and understanding.

Leo has also worked in television on shows such as CSI : New York and The Borgias, and currently works in script development for a film production company. He loves playing ping-pong, reading novels, and cooking.


Leo has been absolutely amazing and we would highly recommend him to anyone.


Leo came highly recommended by a friend and I have to say we were not disappointed. He tutored our 10 year old son in English – focussing on creative and factual writing – prior to sitting common entrance exams for secondary schools.

We found Leo to be enthusiastic, reliable and punctual. Our son – to his surprise -found the sessions enjoyable and began to look forward to them. According to him Leo ‘made things which weren’t fun, fun’. Leo uses creative and imaginative teaching methods and so made the lessons interesting. He was always encouraging and our son was therefore keen to do well. Each session finished with some sort of a word game. Our son’s writing improved greatly, he sat two school entrance exams with increased confidence and we are happy to say he was offered places in each.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Leo as a committed, knowledgeable and fun teacher.